Visit from Federal MP Ged Kearney

This year, a group of students from Grades 4, 5 and 6 will be given an opportunity to work on some special projects. These projects could be specifically for our School but may also have a focus on our local community or broader ideas and issues. These projects may result in providing a service, resource or facility or even promoting awareness of a particular issue. The initial ideas generated from the group have a range of these outcomes and the enthusiasm the students have is great to see. 

Once the projects have been finalised the aim is the students will drive them and provide them with opportunities to collaborate on ideas, take on roles and responsibilities within these projects and then promote and present these projects to our school, local and wider communities.

Last week, Federal MP for Cooper, Ged Kearney, visited the students at School to listen to the students’ ideas and provide us with her thoughts on what may be good ideas for our local and wider communities. It was fantastic to hear the discussions between her and the students and she was very impressed with many of the possible project ideas.