When you are reading your child’s report please keep in mind:
 The Term 2 tasks are a snapshot of the assessment tasks that teachers use to determine the students Victorian Curriculum level other assessments undertaken throughout the semester is also used to determine the child’s overall level.
 The reports are for both parents and children. Take the time to sit with your child and read through the Assessment Portfolio and report.
 Ask your child to explain the expectations and outcomes of the various tasks.
 Celebrate with your child their achievements and discuss the areas for future learning.

Parents who have children in Grades 1-6 will notice that there are two dots in each subject line The hollow dots represents the child’s level of achievement 6 months ago and the solid dot shows their current level of achievement. If a child only has a solid dots that indicates they have not made any progress over the past 6 months.

The students have also written their own personal goals. They have used the SMART goal method: S-specific, M-measureable, A-attainable, R-realistic, T-timely. These goals were written at the beginning of Term 2, in consultation with their teacher. At the end of the semester, they had to assess their goals and parents will see that some students achieved their goals and others didn’t. This term the students will write new SMART goals for this term.