Canberra Camp

Canberra Camp

Five days away from Mum and Dad - oh yeah! The Grade 6 students were excited and eager to travel away from home and experience and learn about Australian Democracy in the capital city, Canberra. 

On the first day in Canberra the students visited the National Capital Exhibition before going to Government and Parliament House and getting some ‘hands on’ experience as they ran a small version of the House of Representatives where they discussed changes that could be made to improve schools. We then went onto Questacon where we explored the National Science and Technology Centre with more than 200 interactive exhibits. 

The middle of the week brought another adventurous day, we were up early taking in the sights of the Australian War Memorial. Then it was time to burn off some energy at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). We started with some interactive sports exhibits at Sportex and finished with games of European Handball and Ultimate Frisbee. However, the AIS served as a prelude to the main event of the night – Laser Tag! It was a close battle to see whether teacher or student could claim bragging rights for the remainder of the year and it still remains a debatable issue to today. 

Thursday was our last full day of activities and we started off with visits to Old Parliament House and the Electoral Education Centre. We ran a mock election where we learnt how to vote. We then explored and discussed incredible artwork at the National Portrait Gallery before attempting our own artwork. The next stop had us all reaching into our pockets as we stepped into the Royal Australian Mint. Many of us left with some very shiny $1 coins that we got to make ourselves. 

We all had a great time but were very relieved to get home and have a well-earned rest.