The Music Program is offered to all our students from Grade Prep through to Grade 3. The program aims to introduce students to the wonderful world of Music and provide them with a good foundation as well as to then further explore an involvement in music outside of school.

Students have a 50 minute music class per week for the year. They have the opportunity to play, sing, move and dance to a wide range of music styles and genres. They are encouraged to immerse themselves in these areas and have fun whilst learning about different songs, beats, patterns and instruments. Students are also introduced to different music theories and learning styles along with the common notes and symbols that are used.

We have a wide range of instruments that our students can play and learn. These range from Xylophones, Keyboards, Ukuleles, Guitars and many different Percussion instruments. Students learn to play songs on these instruments individually but also collectively. Students also work in groups to create short compositions using instruments or just use their hands or voice to create different sounds and effects.

We also offer students the chance to use different music programs available on our iPads and computers to complement their learning.

Along with Prep to 3 program we also have a Grade 5/6 Rock Band that rehearse weekly. As the year progresses the band have the opportunity to perform at school assemblies, the Grade 6 Drama Show, the Art Show towards the end of the year and the Grade 6 Graduation. The band also participates in the annual Northern Region School of Rock Day. Bands from both Primary and Secondary Schools have an opportunity to perform in front of their peers and showcase their talents and have fun up on stage!

Thanks to the amazing staff at Preston PS students are also able to join one of the three school choirs (Grade Prep/1, Grade 2/3 and Grade 4/5/6). They each rehearse and perform throughout the year at school assemblies.