Student Reports

At Preston PS we use a cumulative process to report on your child’s progress throughout the year.  The assessment folder will contain assessment tasks that your child will complete throughout the year.

  • In Terms 1 and 3 it will include tasks that your child has completed during the term and a checklist which will indicate your child’s work habits for that subject.
  • In Terms 2 & 4 it will include the tasks your child has completed, a checklist and written feedback (teacher comment).
  • In Terms 2 & 4 assessment tasks and comments from the specialist teachers will be included.


It is our aim for parents to be able to see their child’s actual work and the criteria we use to mark and then grade their work.

Additional assessment is done throughout the year that is used to inform the teaching and is taken in to consideration when giving the students their Victorian Curriculum scores at the end of Term 2 & 4.

As this is a cumulative folder it will need to be returned to your child’s teacher once you have looked at it. At the end of the school year it will be sent home for parents to keep as a record of their child’s progress.


Reporting Timeline
Term 1 Week 4 3 Way Conferences
Term 2 Week 1

Week 3
Portfolios sent home

Portfolios Returned to School
Term 3 Week 1

Week 3
Portfolios sent home

3 Way Conferences
Term 4 Week 1

Week 11
Portfolios sent home

Portfolios sent home