Visual Arts

Visual Art is taught from Grade Prep to Grade 6 and each class has one fifty minute session a week. 
At Preston Primary School we have 2 experienced Art teachers running the Art program over 2 campuses.

What skills and knowledge can your child expect to learn in Art during their 7 years?

We run a skills based program. The program is sequential and builds upon skills taught each year. The elements covered are shape, form, line, colour, texture and space. Within these areas painting, drawing, collage, printing, modelling, construction and textiles are explored.

How do we inspire the students?

Many of our lessons are based on Art appreciation. We look at different artists and their styles from different parts of history, culture and countries. Children are encouraged to explore ideas and skills in an environment where everyone’s art is appreciated. Some of the approaches involve group discussions, brainstorming and demonstrations.

How do we showcase the children’s work?

We have an annual Art Show at the end of the year that highlights the beautiful Art work produced throughout the year. Most Art projects take several weeks to complete and the older children’s art may take a whole term to produce. We do not send work home during the year as the children choose one piece of art from the years’ work that they are proud of to display at the Art Show. After the Art Show all the year’s work is wrapped up and sent home for you to enjoy. Our goal is to inspire confidence, enjoyment and the appreciation of Art as a way for children to express themselves creatively.


As Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”