In Italian, our curriculum aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure that students can communicate, understand the relationship between language, its culture and learning.

Grade Prep to Grade 6 children have a 50 minute language session per week. Students use Italian to communicate with their teacher and peers through action-related talk and play. They use Italian to communicate and to interact, for example, to exchange greetings and to address people, using appropriate language and pronunciation. Students are immersed in the Italian language by listening to stories, playing games, singing songs, role playing, and participating in activities that will assist in developing their knowledge of the Italian vocabulary. Sessions focus on learning words, phrases and sentences to identify various items and themes. Students are engaged in asking and answering questions that will enhance understandings of Italian grammar and the Italian culture. Through different themes, students explore famous icons, famous people, traditions and festivals such as Carnevale.

Every second year, as part of Preston Primary’s Whole School Event, the school participates in Italian Day. Students are encouraged to dress up as something representative of Italy. On this day they participate in cultural activities, an Italian performance and are treated a gelato.