Grade 4

Welcome to Grade Four! 

Grade Four at Preston Primary School is an exciting, enjoyable and engaging year in which students continue to consolidate and extend their understandings from their first four years of school. It is an exciting time of transition, as the students operate on the senior timetable and socialise with the Grade 5s and Grade 6s at lunchtime and recess, and expectations around personal organisation and social responsibility increase. 


Students take another step in their journey to become independent, resilient and self-motivated learners, and are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning, actions and decisions. Across all subjects a Growth Mindset is encouraged and explicitly taught, with a specific focus on developing problem solving skills, persistence and belief in their own abilities which are applied both socially and academically. 


In Grade 4 students begin using a 1:1 ratio iPad program where students provide their own device for use in the classroom. Throughout the year students are taught and educated about the importance of cyber safety and must adhere to an iPad Code of Conduct. Students are able to use their iPads in most lessons to further their education. Our students work collaboratively on tasks by sharing ideas using Google Drive and Google Classroom. They also have access to a wide range of apps which enable them to practice their skills and expand their learning.


The Grade Four reading focus is reading to learn, with an emphasis on finding enjoyment from reading and continuing to practise reading aloud with expression and oral fluency. We continue to increase all students' confidence in their abilities as they continue to read a wide range of materials. Students have access to a classroom library and a school library. As they continue to challenge themselves we encourage students to track their thoughts during independent reading time to enable them to clarify unknown words, make predictions, identify main ideas and connect to the text. As part of their literature unit, students delve deeply into the characters and themes of a classwide text. 


Throughout the year students experience writing in a variety of forms. Students are explicitly taught each form of writing over several weeks as skills are gradually built upon. A range of topics are provided to ensure all students are engaged and excited to write. Students regularly work as a whole class, in small groups, pairs and individually to assist in the development of their ideas. At Preston we believe grammar development and spelling are important aspects of great writing. We address these through directed class teaching as well as on an individual needs basis. 


In Mathematics, Grade 4 students are learning to think like a mathematician as they work on rich open ended learning tasks, tackle loaded problems and continue to develop fundamental proficiency. They are explicitly taught the mathematical skills they will utilise when working on a maths questions. When applying these skills, students are encouraged to take risks and make connections between their mathematical knowledge and skills. We continue to enhance all children’s basic facts knowledge, particularly Multiplication and Division. Children also explore many other non-number areas which are complemented by our ICT component.


At Preston Primary School we follow the MAPPEN program for our integrated units. There are a range of topics that are covered over a two year period (Grades 3 and 4) that encompass Geography, History, Science and Civic and Citizenship. Students have the opportunity to research and complete projects, participate in science experiments and develop team building skills. Engaging excursions and incursions have been planned to consolidate their understandings and allow them the opportunity to authentically explore taught concepts.


At Preston Primary School the Grade Four teachers plan engaging and challenging lessons in order to deliver a program that promotes each student’s ability, independence and learning style. We provide an encouraging and supportive learning environment to help develop a growth mindset in each and every student.